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woman-hairstyles - Stay UpdateEverything has to be perfect except your hair whenever you go out. A crazy fact is your hair looks gorgeous when you’re at home doing nothing, but as soon as you decide to go out, there’s the entire world’s bird’s nest on your hair. Sometimes it gets really annoying when you gate late because your hair just won’t listen and be good.

No more worries, ladies. We’ve come up with these really awesome hairstyles that are not only quick and easy but very stylish!

  1. The Braided Hallo.
    The simplest and easiest hairstyle is the braided hallo. When you are running late, just take a small bunch of hair from both left and right. Twist them and pin it at the back. There you go, done with the prettiest hairstyle in a minute.Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Women - stay update


  1. Knotted pony.
    When you’re hair is frizzy and causing troubles to settle, pick this hairstyle. You can’t leave it open but don’t want a boring pony? This is the best solution. All you need to do is divide your hair in two equal sections. Hold each in both of your hands and tie a knot just like you tie a rope. Do three knots one after the other and fix the end with an elastic band. There you go with a cute pony.Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Women - stay update


  1. Beautiful waves.
    Open hair always makes you look pretty. So you can have a wavy hairstyle when you’re bored of having very straight hair. Wavy hair not only gives a gorgeous look but also gives volume to your hair. You must be wondering, how can making waves be easy? Well, it isn’t actually easy until you follow our way! Here’s how you can have beautiful waves. Tie a neat high pony. Take the curling machine and roll your pony around it. Keep it like that for 30 seconds. Do it twice. Once done, open your pony and there you go with the beautiful waves. Don’t comb your hair else you might lose your waves.


  1. Disney Hairstyle.
    When you see the hairstyles of Disney princesses, you definitely wish to have the same. If you have been just admiring it instead of trying because you thought they’re difficult, then you’re being mistaken. Princess braids are not that difficult if you try it in our way. Take a three finger width hair and make a section from the side. Divide the three finger width hair into halves and start making a knot. Keep tying knots until your reach the corner of your ears and then fix it with a bobby pin. Tie a pony at the other side. Make a small hole in the pony just above your elastic band and put the lower part of your hair into it.

See below how to do the pony, just do it on the side of your neck.4 Disney Hairstyle - Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Women - stay update


  1. Intricate braid.
    This also gives you a Disney look and it is best for the girls who don’t have voluminous hair. You don’t have to fret over having a thin plait. Divide your hair in two sections and make two plaits on both sides. Bring the plaits together and fix it with an elastic band. Cover the elastic band with your hair. There you have thick intricate braids!5 Intricate braid - Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Women - stay update


  1. Voluminous and High pony.
    One more easy and smart hairstyle for the girls with thin hair. Does your pony tail really look like a tail? Make a fake thick pony with a simple trick and give yourself a hot look. Back comb your hair to make it voluminous and tie a pony. Divide the pony from bottom and top and place a clutch in between. This makes it look fluffy and voluminous.6 Voluminous and High pony - Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Women - stay update


  1. Fake a long pony with short hair.
    Making a pony makes your hair look shorter than it really is and if you have short hair then you have cry for a smart pony. So here’s a trick to have a long pony. Divide your from top and bottom. Tie a pony with the lower section and another pony with the upper section. Cover the lower one with the upper one and it will look like one long pony. Thank me later!7 Fake a long pony with short hair - Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Women - stay update


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