Reasons Why Ramadan Is Special


Ramadan, the holy month is holy indeed. This is a way of self-cleansing and spiritual evolution. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when the Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. During this month, all our Muslim friends keep themselves away from all kind of sinful activities which in a way makes them a little better person. Besides being special, this month is important. A lot of things happened that makes this holy. Even Allah made this the month the fourth pillar of Islam. You don’t just fast, you purify your soul.

There are uncountable reasons why Ramadan is so special and important but it is not possible to list them down. So, I have listed down some of the beautiful reasons that make Ramadan special and holy.

  1. Everything gets holy during this month.
    It is said that during this month, the evil is trapped. The gates of heaven open and that of hell closes. This makes everything holy and spiritual. This is the time when the good defeats evil. 
  1. You purify yourself.
    By fasting in this month, a person purifies oneself spiritually. A person learns patience. This is the time when people feel worse in doing wrong deeds. They focus on God and practice selflessness. When people fast during this month, they also do prayers more than the normal customary ones. This month purifies the body, mind and spirit which give better clarity, health and sensitivity.
  1. You improve your health.
    Apart from blessing you with spiritual and mental health, fasting in Ramadan improves the person’s health. During this one month of fasting, the digestive system gets to rest from the customary processing and breaking down of food. Also, during this month, the body gets enough time to detoxify its system. Thus making you healthier. It helps you build a good and healthy diet by stopping you from too much snacking.
  1. You learn what hunger is.
    During this one month, you eat very less and it is obvious that you feel hungry. This is the time when you realise that what it feels to be hungry but unable to eat. You learn to value food. You also learn to sympathize with those people who live in crisis. It builds humanity in you.
  1. Helps to reduce the intake of your addictives.
    Since fasting in this month involves nothing bad, all your alcohol, smoking and other addictive habits are prohibited. This is the time when the intake such hazardous stuff is reduced and you can try to quit forever.
  1. This month renews all relationships.
    No matter what kind of issues prevails in your relationships, this is the month when everything is sorted out. This is the month when people get to spend more time with each other by breaking the fast together. The joy and celebration this month spreads is unexplainable.
  1. The time to seek forgiveness.
    It is natural for humans to make mistakes. But you cannot stay with the guilt forever. This is the time when you get forgiveness from Allah through prayers and fasting. Ask for forgiveness and promise to be a good person, Allah will definitely forgive and bless you.
  1. One builds discipline.
    During this month, people don’t just fast from food and drinks but also a lot of habits and activities. This is the time when you learn to control yourself and make yourself more disciplined. The restraints during this month make you stronger and more disciplined also helping you to get rid of bad habits and activities.
  1. You build a special relationship with the holy book.
    During Ramadan, people read the Quran more than regular and try to understand. They read it as a guide to living life rightly. This builds a very special relationship with the book and makes you feel closer to Allah.
  1. The real reason for fasting.
    The main reason for fasting in Ramadan is not to reduce bad habits or food intake to please God. Instead, it is the way to increase your righteousness and show gratitude to Allah for all he has given.

Everything about Ramadan is special and this holy month makes a person way better every time.

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