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Don’t marry because..

You are into yourself since months or years, but now you are on the topic of marriage. Are you confused whether to marry or not? You are thinking of sometimes, ‘Yes, I should marry and I could fix it all’ and sometimes, ‘No, I should not because everything will get ruined.’  Even though you have plans for tomorrow with bachelor’s life, you are thinking of marrying because of epic thoughts!Right time to marry | Stay Update

Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t marry:

  1. Your friends are getting married: Your best friends, friends are getting married because they must have found someone worth marrying, that doesn’t mean you should get married too. Everyone takes different times to push the ship in the waters. Don’t be one of the sheep’s herds that go where the first sheep goes. In the tension of feeling embarrassed in front of your friends, you will end up marrying a dog, maybe. Whenever your friends ask you or tease for it; tit to tat answers and sarcasm works at its best.Right time to marry | Stay Update
  2. Your family says so: Your family keeps on talking about Sharmaji’s son/daughter about getting married. They ask you if you are going to stay single for life or whatsoever. Also, they start finding grooms. But, you shouldn’t worry of it. Family is family. They care for you, which is it. Now that it is on you totally if you want to marry or not. Anyway, some families force bachelors to marry. Try to explain them that they don’t have to marry but you have to. Maybe, your family’s dreams of enjoying your marriage will lead you to wrong married life.
  3. Your ex is getting married: Like, seriously? You still count him/her in? Maybe, you have moved on or not, but just to make him/her jealous, it is a bad idea. To show them that they made a wrong decision of leaving you, you are planning to marry anyone on any conditions? Well, once you are done with the show off part, you will realize that you have got a disaster for life, maybe. So, don’t.Right time to marry | Stay Update
  4. You are getting old: Age doesn’t stop. You grow from child to young and then old. The right age of marrying is 18+, which means you can even in your 30s, 40s or 80s. Just because you are getting old and you won’t get someone later of the same age, you come up with subject of marriage. The fact, whether you are ready or not, you just make up your mind. The right age to marry someone is when you feel it is right time and when you are in love.Right time to marry | Stay Update
  5. You got a scapegoat: You have someone in your office, company or your family has found perfect groom for you, you got a view on shaadi.com, etc. are traps. Do you have feelings for any of them? I know, after marriage, they say, you get habituated and you start loving them anyway. But, no. What if he isn’t the ‘nice guy’ and you are trapped? Just because you have a scapegoat doesn’t mean you will go on. You must know him/her personally, if they will suit you for career, likes or unlikes and choices.
  6. Your siblings are in the line: If your siblings want to marry, they will do. You have to marry before them because you are elder to them and elders marry first; you must be the one to break this rule now. Let your young siblings marry when they want to and you when you want to.
  7. You want to have children: You love children and want to have them, but if you have them before marriage society will tease you. If this the fear you have, let go it, because you will have whatever you want in life. Your pretty society isn’t going to say ‘it’s okay dear to have children before marriage, I will support you.’ It is you who is going to stay with them and nourish them. It isn’t necessary to marry if you just want children and not a partner.Right time to marry | Stay Update
  8. Log Kya Kahenge? (How will the society react): Your society and ‘log’ aren’t going to marry them and spend rest of the life. It’s you. People will never stop barking because it’s their duty, but you can learn to ignore the noise.

The right time to marry is when you are ready and when you know that you have the right person in hand. The main course is when you know you are in LOVE.

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