Safety Tips To Save Your Life In Emergencies


Before we even start discussing the safety tips I’d like to tell you that emergencies are not about sickness or accidents. There are a lot of things you can get hooked up with. Mostly people get panicked in such cases but those screw up the matter more. Instead of just panicking and waiting for danger to kill you, you should think and act. I know, brain and body get jammed in such situations but that is what will let you live.

If you can’t do anything on the spot, you can at least keep these tips in mind. I hope these will be helpful for you.

  1. Earthquake Situation.
    Some people enjoy the shake of the earth but it can get deadly like Nepal or Japan. You must not ignore the quake because you can’t take action when everything starts falling. You have to be alert and take precautions even with the slightest shake. You should immediately do these.

    • Hide underneath something hard. Get inside a table or the bed or any chair. Just keep something over your head.
    • Stay away from big furniture like cupboards, book shelves etc. The might fall on you.
    • If you are on the bed, stay there. But don’t stay unprotected. Protect your head with pillows.
    • If you are outdoors, don’t go near any building or tree. Run to some open place like a playground or field. Buildings or trees are likely to fall.
    • If everything ends up you being trapped then still don’t panic. Cover your head with your arms. Remember that if you hurt your arms or legs, they can recover and you can survive. Protect the sensitive parts of your body like head and eyes etc. because hurting them can be deadly.


  1. In the case of a terrorist attack.
    The first thing you need to do is stay alert. Wherever you go, keep some safety weapons with you. While travelling, check under the seats and always keep emergency numbers on speed dials. If anyhow you are attacked and find no way to escape then just lie down and act dead. They come to kill you so make them feel they are successful and get up only when you are sure they’re gone. One should even learn some self-defence techniques. A trick that always works is kicking or hurting their sensitive parts.


  1. When there’s fire…
    One should always be aware and prevent anything that can cause a fire. We know that these accidents don’t happen often so the safety machines you keep might stop working by the time there’s actual danger. You should check your protections like fire alarms etc. once in a month. However if there is fire, run out immediately before it spreads and let everyone else know. If it gets impossible to go out then scream. If you have access to phone then call the fire extinguisher and let the neighbours know. Remember that a big fire won’t be out with a mug of water. Don’t try to splash little water as it will give more flames.


  1. When there’s a thief in your house.
    One should always check every door, window and even under the bed before going to sleep. There could be chances that they hide inside your house, waiting for the lights to be down. If somehow you are attacked by them or they threaten you, run to towards the kitchen. You know where things like the knife, chilli powder etc. are kept and these can be used as effective weapons. Don’t stop screaming as noise will frighten them. Start throwing things to make a loud noise. Don’t scream help, rather scream fire or danger. People react better when they know they are in the danger zone too.


  1. When someone follows you.
    If you suspect someone following you, then don’t run. Turn around and stare right at their eyes. That will make him uneasy and keep danger off. If you think you can’t control the situation then just walk inside an ATM or a store. ATMs have security guards and shops have people. Both will stop the follower from harming you.

I pray you never have to use these but don’t ignore anything. Keep them in mind and stay safe!

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