Setting up your Google AdSense account – Part 1 (Enrolment form)


Yes, Google AdSense is the key to kick-start the journey of generating some sweet revenue from your website, the fastest way. Customarily, before joining any joint, you need to follow the registration procedure and this is not any different when you plan to team up with Google AdSense. Well, first thing’s first, you are not asked to sell any products or services! What you are doing here is basically selling some advertising space on your website. Moreover, Google claims that any web owner can sign up for the program.

Google AdSense benefits the publishers in numerous ways but you need to set up an account first. And once you have completed the formalities (which would probably take only a few minutes), you can start making money within 15 minutes or so.

Part 1 (Enrolment form)

  • First of all, go to and click on the button ‘Click here to Apply’, which would redirect you to the enrolment form.
  • This enrolment form would request basic details about your website like URL, website language, your contact details, AdSense products you wish to use and other preferences. Fill these blanks carefully.
  • Select an account type on whose name the payment is to be made. You can either choose business and name your company or choose individual and mention your name instead. Proceed by agreeing the proposed terms and conditions.
  • Note the email-id and password you provided during the form-filling procedure since these will be required to log in to your AdSense account. You will be known as a publisher and can log in, providing details as an ‘Existing publisher’.
  • Submit your form.

As soon as you complete these steps and submit your application, you’re done with the enrolment form. Google will take care of the rest of the evaluation.


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