Setting up your Google AdSense account – Part 2 (Essential customizations)


After Google approves your Google AdSense application, you can start earning returns from your website. Log in to your account as an ‘Existing publisher’ and click ‘AdSense Setup’ from the menu, following which you would be asked for the product type.

This step inclines to the customization of the adverts that you wish to incorporate into your website, and making them fit right in perfectly. Adverts mustn’t look odd on your website sidestepping cases like ill-positioning and color-differences.

  • You’d be requested to either select ‘AdSense for Content’ or ‘AdSense for Search’. The setup of both the former and latter is very similar. But for now, let’s discuss the setup of ‘AdSense for Content’.


  • First choose the Ad type: Ad unit or link unit and then choose the type of ad or the number of links per link unit. The type of ads in Ad unit includes text, images, etc.


  • The limit for Ad units is 3 and for link unit is 1 per page. Using both is permissible.


  • But if you aim for maximizing your profit, using both the type of ads is highly recommended.


  • What comes next is choosing the Ad layout. If at all possible try using the large rectangle (336×280) or wide skyscraper (160×600) layouts since they fetch you some extra impressions.


  • Add some color to your adverts and make them look gorgeous, bearing in mind that the look and feel of your website matches that of the adverts.

In this way, you could make quick yet essential customization before using Google AdSense on your website. Advert customization is a vital stand to be taken by the publisher. Let your website absorb the adverts.


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