Setting up your Google AdSense account – Part 3 (Additional customizations)


Of course a beginner needs to get accustomed to the essential customizations in your Google AdSense account first but if you really do want something unrivalled, something extra out of your AdSense account other than the usual colour or layout modifications, we just have the right thing in store for you. In fact, if the context of your website requires additional elements to be integrated, these could be imperative for decent performance. Suppose, ‘filters’ is a feature that is a must-have for most of the sites today. Let us explore similar additional customizations in detail:



These are basically custom ad filters set up by Google for your website. What it essentially is blocking of competitive or other ads that you don’t want on your site. By doing so, you could avoid or restrict these ads on your website in future. However, note that the screening of ad content is definitely done by Google but this is more specific to your choices. Many users actually use a lot of filters, bearing in mind that promoting competitive ads would be detrimental. Nevertheless, others aren’t really concerned giving their competitors an allowance.


Alternate Ads:

Worried if you’d ever fill those ad spaces efficiently? Alternate ads to the rescue. These fit in those voids preventing the underutilization of the ad space when you are in short of content-relevant ads. You could pick them; but even if you don’t specify these and lack content-related ads, Google will take care of it all. Google AdSense program will arrange charitable ads, which would fill in those ad spaces for you but the sad part is that these wouldn’t get you returns.


Reporting and performance tracking:

You get to track performance of your ads through this additional customization. Your AdSense account could manage almost every option and track reports. Using channels is also a clever way to study the performance of AdSense ads from different aspects. But try getting used to the basic concept of Google AdSense and then you could implement channels later down the line.

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