Setting up your Google AdSense account – Part 4 (AdSense code)


Customizations are extremely necessary in Google AdSense account and mirror the advert’s standard on your page. So make sure you beat that round wisely. After you are through with that, an AdSense code gets generated in the AdSense box. It would probably be in the form of a programming script and you need to copy and this code in your website, carefully following the guidelines from Google. You can include the code in more than one place in your webpage, provided the limited ad units that can be placed per page is three.

Once you are done with the code-positioning, you will be asked by your web hosting service provider to save the web page to the chosen web server. At this point, note that you are not requested for any sort of html code by Google or even load it on their servers for that sake. All you will be asked to do is adding the AdSense code to the code of your website, nothing else. However, for those who want to use AdSense adverts with their blogs, different procedures must be carried out and these AdSense programs are available on Google’s website.

Now that you’ve harvested your seedlings, you’ve got to wait for a few hours or even less for Google’s web crawlers to discover your page/blog that has the AdSense code, following which you will be granted AdSense ads on your web page or blog. Please note that initially PSA or charitable ads would appear on your website but sooner or later these will get replaced with AdSense adverts and you will earn revenue in no time. Nonetheless, you might encounter PSAs even after a few hours if your website content violates the AdSense program’s policies in any way.

If you are a victim to such a case or if you find objectionable ads on your website even though you used appropriate filters, contact Google and solve your queries. They would be more than happy to help you.


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