Signs From Your Body Which You Shouldn’t Ignore


Human body is really amazing. Sometimes it goes off track making us sick. But hey, nothing happens out of the blue. Whatever happens inside our body happens for a reason and through procedures. You can’t say that you got up one day and cancer struck you. If something is harming your body, it will signal you. It is your responsibility to consider what your body says. One should ignore the symptoms in the body. We wouldn’t realise when it will become too late to cure. So it’s better we take care of our body and listen to what it says.

Listed below are some of the signals your body gives and you shouldn’t ignore them.

  1. Increasing desire for sweets.
    Sometimes when you crave too much for sweets, you shouldn’t ignore it. Happens with people that they just can’t live without having a sweet before sleep or after meals. When you start craving for a lot of sweet you should switch to bitter chocolates or honey.


  1. Poor sleep or leg cramps at night.
    When you feel uneasy at night or get leg cramps during sleep, it indicates that your body needs magnesium and potassium. Ever happened that the muscles at the back of your leg pain suddenly and then it feels perfectly fine within a minute? If that happens then it’s time you eat healthy. You must increase your magnesium and potassium intake. Some of the food items that provide you with them are nuts, linseed, almonds, and green leafy vegetables.


  1. Dry skin.
    It is not the winter or weather that makes your skin dry, it could be something unhealthy. Dry skin indicates that your body lacks in vitamins. Do not consider it a result of seasonal changes, of course it can be. But be sure of the reason. Increase your vitamin intake by consuming food like vegetable oils, fishes, nuts etc.


  1. Bleeding gums.
    Do you see blood while brushing your teeth? Definitely not because someone punched you, LOL. Well this could also be because of vitamin deficiency. Bleeding gums is a symptom of low vitamin C in your body. To avoid this, eat food rich in vitamin C like garlic, citrus fruits, vegetables etc.


  1. Dry skin on the elbows.
    This is very common in most of us, dry and dark elbows. This happens due to deficiency of Vitamins A and C. This makes the skin on your elbow dry. You should understand that your body needs more vitamins and start eating such food. Foods like oranges, apricots, carrots and pumpkins are suggested.


  1. Brittle nails and hair.
    This could be an indication to your deficiency in calcium and vitamin B. Without ignoring, you should immediately increase your calcium and vitamin intake. Eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin like milk, potatoes, wheat, whole grains, legumes etc.


  1. Craving for salty food.
    If all of a sudden you crave for salty food a lot then it could be because of inflammation or infection in the body or in the urogenital system. Eat healthily cooked fish several times a week to reduce inflammation, whole grains, leafy vegetables etc or consult a doctor. Do not ignore it.


  1. Desire for raw food or hatred towards oily food.
    Sometimes it happens that even by seeing food you start feeling pukish. You don’t want oily food and crave for raw food. All these can be a signal from your body. It happens because of gastritis or liver problems. We all eat so much junk food and thus gastritis is getting common in every one. Raw food helps to soothe your stomach. One should eat healthy and easily digestible food always.


  1. Want for sea food.
    If you start craving for sea food, it means your body needs iodine. Sea food is rich in iodine and there’s no harm in having it. Enjoy fishes and other sea food delicacies.


Like the above examples, the body gives you many more signals of being unhealthy. You should not ignore such indications. If you ever feel something unusual happening to you, find out the reason behind it. You should always do a complete medical check up of your body periodically. This is a very useful habit and can detect any disease at its early stage. Make your habits healthy, you will automatically become healthy.

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