Simple Ways to Make Your Relationship Last Long


Why is it that relationships fail in most cases? We see so many people wanting a relationship like those in the 90s, like those our grandparents have. We all want the ‘together-forever’ kind of relationship but unfortunately we can’t make it till then. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to build a happy relationship. It is about the little things and how much you care about these. Yes, you need to care about the little things that add to your relationship. Buying expensive gifts or putting up a romantic setup does not make a never ending love story.

Hey, wait! You need not worry about what I said above. I’m not scaring you. If you still can’t figure out what you really need to do then just read this. Listed below are the little things that you need to do to make your relationship last long.

  1. Show Respect – Think about yourself when we talk about respect. You want to be respected by your partner, don’t you? Then you must realise that they have the same expectations like you. Respect them for everything they do. This builds trust and closeness.


  1. Learn to share – By sharing I don’t mean to say that share your possessions or any materialistic things. You should share your feelings, problems and happiness. Share your experiences of the day. Tell them about your problems or any reasons for your happiness. By doing this, you make them an important part of your life. Your partner feels that you value their opinion and you want them to be a part of whatever you do.


  1. Trust Your Partner – Trust is the basic foundation of your relationship. Without trust works nothing. If you doubt your partner, you feel uncomfortable all the time and they feel hurt when you distrust them. This creates confusion and BAM, your relationship is gone before you start cherishing. So before getting into a relationship, make sure you trust the person.


  1. Support each other – Apply the phrase ‘you can’t clap from one hand’ in your relationship. Show them your affection by supporting them. We know very well that life is not a bed of roses. So whenever the thorns prickle them, hold them throughout.


  1. Compromise – This is really important if you want a long lasting relationship. Everyone can’t have everything and where there are two people; there will be two different perceptions and different wants. One has to compromise to maintain peace and increase understanding. If you both keep fighting for what you want then you both will end up with a break up. So learn to compromise and be a little more understanding.


  1. Never sleep angrily – This should be your strict rule. Don’t go to bed angry and don’t let your partner do the same. What I mean to say is that you might have fights but don’t drag it to the next day. Sort your problems before you both go to bed. This will always give you both a beautiful morning.


  1. Learn to forgive – You need to understand that if you want to spend all your life with partner then you will have to forgive and forget. Humans are not perfect and making mistakes is natural. You can’t fret over your partner’s mistake all your life. You will have to forgive them to have a happy ending and an evergreen love story.


  1. Don’t stick to the past – Not everyone has a happy past. Looking back to the past sometimes makes things complicated. It is better you leave the past in the past. We do mistakes and we learn from them but you should always move on. So, a simple rule for a healthy relationship is to leave the past in the past.


  1. Never try to change each other – Accept your partner the way he/she is. Never try to change each other. That will only take you both far from each other. Learn to appreciate them for what they are and don’t complain. Just remember that you aren’t perfect either. Everyone has flaws and a true lover loves those flaws too.


  1. Encourage each other – Whenever they lack in motivation, it is time for your action. You need to stand by your love and encourage them whenever they are scared. Remind them all the happy moments of your togetherness and lift up their mood whenever they feel low.


If you follow these simple rules in your everyday life then you sure will get a healthy and long lasting relationship.

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