Simple Ways to Remember Anything


Memorising is not just a problem for the oldies. Have you seen the struggle in school-going kids?  Whoever it may be, we all have problems remembering. Sometimes there are crazily huge things which we need to remember and it takes hell of an effort to do so. But eventually we end up forgetting. If you keep forgetting, it does not mean that you are mentally weak, sometimes the things are difficult.

If you try wisely and carefully, then maybe you can remember even the most difficult things. Here are some amazing tricks that will help you remembering anything you want.

  1. Don’t do a lot of things together.
    If you think you are amazing at multi tasking then you are fooling yourself. Give a break to your head. When memorising something, avoid multi tasking. Concentrate on the only fact that you want to memorise and it will be easier. This is mostly important for the students since their thoughts are filed with uncountable things at once. Try it!


  1. Memorize by writing.
    Your brain remembers things you write better than the ones you just read. So another way to memorise is by writing the thing over and over. This will help you register them in your brain. However, don’t just copy every time you write try to recall them every time.


  1. Use Mnemonics.
    Mnemonics is a learning technique which helps a person to learn and remember things easily. Wait, if you think it is magic then you’re wrong. It involves mentally connecting the information with something so that you don’t forget. However there are certain ways of using mnemonics. You can make acronyms of the information. Like using one alphabet from each word and making a sensible word out of those alphabets. Another way to use this is by making stupid rhymes or phrases. You can even make little poems related to the information you remember.


  1. Relate the information to something you already know.
    This technique involves associating things. You can do it by associating the information with funny images or scenes in your mind. If you have to learn a numeric value then try to associate it with someone’s birthday or the number of particular things you have. Then just create a picture of that person or the thing in your mind.


  1. Visualise.
    Your brain registers and retains what you see than what you learn. Create a scene in your mind of what you want to learn. It is difficult to do sometimes but once you start doing this, you’ll be efficient in this and surprised to see the outcome.


  1. Make up stories.
    You remember stories better than anything else. Remember in literature exams you did awesome in the stories but screwed up in the poems? In fact you don’t forget the stories you read when you were 5. So why not use this technique? Make up stories about the information and see how quickly you memorise it. After making a story, you just need to remember the story which is extremely easy.


  1. Say things loudly.
    Your brain understands better when it sees or hears something. Saying things loud makes you learn better. When you’re trying to learn something for your exam, read it aloud. You’ll learn better. If you have the tendency to forget names or dates, try repeating them. Like when you’re introduced to someone, don’t just say Hi, instead say Hi, Emma (person’s name). Also, when someone tells you an address or a number, repeat it like questioning, “at the heaven club?” You will never forget it this way.


  1. For students – Study in the afternoon.
    You maybe a morning, night or evening person but the afternoon is said to be the best time to study. It is said that during afternoon, our mind is more alert and an alert mind memorises better & quick.


  1. Draw diagrams.
    Like I said, visual things help you remember better. So if you find it difficult to do that mentally, do it physically. Make diagrams of what you want to remember. You will learn it faster than you expected.


  1. Don’t compromise on sleep.
    Students have the tendency to stay up the night before exam and mug everything possible. But kids, that doesn’t help. Adequate sleep is very much important. It is better if you study little and remember than to study more and forget. Your brain needs rest else it will fail to recall in the exam hall.


I hope this would be enough for you to come out of the struggle of remembering. Thank me later!

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