Strange and Interesting Facts about Dreams


Who doesn’t dream? Of course we do! However sometimes it’s about going on a date with our crush while most of the time it is either falling from stairs or getting drowned. There are dreams you wished never ended while there are ones which gives you Goosebumps leaving you sleepless. How many of you understood your dream? There is a reason why you see some dreams quite often. They want to tell you something that you fail to understand.

Even though we all have different dreams, there are certain things common to all. You will be surprised to know these amazing facts about dreams.

  1. Women too have orgasm during dreams.
    It is not that only men come out of their dreams with an erection. Dreams give orgasm to women as well. Mostly this happens when the dreams are erotic, however, it can happen otherwise also.


  1. There are many inventions inspired by dreams.
    Believe it or not but this has happened. We have witnessed certain inventions the idea of which first appeared in dreams. To name a few, they are the sewing machine, google, alternating current generator and many more. Strange, isn’t it?


  1. The faces we see in dreams are the ones we already know.
    That’s right, you don’t see the totally unknown. If you can’t recognize the faces you see then you probably forgot because your brain can’t invent faces. You see hundreds of people every day and millions throughout our life, it is not possible to remember. But the dreams might pick any of them to play the character in your dream.


  1. Dream about future.
    There have been certain cases where people dreamt of things which happened to them later on. To put in simple terms, people dreamt about their future, though it can be a coincidence. Some real cases are when Mark Twain dreamt of his brother’s demise or Abraham Lincoln dreaming of his Assassination.


  1. You can have four to seven dreams in one night.
    Sounds strange? But it is true. You might have experienced, did you? It is not necessary that you have one dream every time you sleep. You can have a lot of dreams in a single nap. On an average we can dream for straight one to two hours, which makes enough time for four to seven dreams.


  1. Blind people dream too.
    You must be wondering how a blind person can dream when he/she can’t dream. But they can. The ones who became blind after being born can see in their dreams. However, people who were born blind can’t see in their dreams as well but they do have dreams involving other senses.


  1. You can get back in the dream that just broke.
    It happens many times that you have some beautiful dream and hate it when you’re awake. You want to go back to that dream, don’t you? Then be happy, because you can go back. All you need to do is stay still. Don’t move at all. The position you wake up in is the position you were in your dream. So just lay still and you can go back to your dream. If you move, you get disconnected from the dream.


  1. Addiction to dreams.
    Sometimes this becomes more addictive than drugs. There are people who love dreaming so much that they don’t want to wake up. Just to keep dreaming, some people consume a hallucinogenic drug called Dimethyltryptamine. This helps the brains to produce dreams. Though it is illegal, addictions don’t obey laws.


  1. Many people dream in black and white.
    It is said that 12% of sighted people see their dreams in black and white. Earlier, during 1915, people had black and white dreams however this changed later. People do get colourful dreams but there are people who always dream in black and white.


  1. Dreams make you unable to read.
    It is said that a person can’t read while dreaming. If you want to confirm whether you were dreaming, instead of pinching yourself, try reading something. It was also said that you can’t read the clock while dreaming. The will show you a totally different time and you will notice the hands of the clock being still.

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