Strange fruits that you didn’t know existed


Fruits are healthy and delicious. We literally wait for seasons of our favourite fruits to come. I don’t think there’s anyone who would hate the colourful and tasty fruits. The look lovely and they taste lovely. Can you imagine that they could be strange and weird too? Well, there are uncountable types of fruits which you not even know about.

So let’s add to the delicacies and find out some strange but interesting fruits that actually exist.

1. Rambutan.
I have never even heard this name. Originated from the Malay – Indonesian region, this strange looking fruit comes under the Sapindaceae family. It is very closely related to one of our most favourite tropical fruits, Lychee. It is a round single seeded berry with a leathery skin and is covered with spines. It has a pink flesh inside that tastes sweet with an acidic flavour like that of grapes. I must try this!
1 Rambutan
2. Buddha’s hand.
This weird fruit was originated from the eastern regions, probably India or China. Buddha’s hand is a citrus fruit which is also named as Citrus medica or fingered citron. It comes in different varieties and most of them do not contain pulp or juice.  It may look dangerous but it can be used for flavouring in many desserts or alcoholic beverages.
2 Buddha’s hand
3. Romanesco Broccoli.
This edible flower bud was first seen in Italy with a chartreuse colour. It is like a cauliflower but a little different in design. It has a crunchier texture. The bud is comprised of smaller buds which make it look beautiful. It is even nutritionally rich. One must try this.
3 Romanesco Broccoli
4. Pandanus.
No, it is nothing like a panda LOL. Pandanus are related to monocots, like palm trees. This is a heavy fruit rich in nutrients and has a globose structure. The fruits merge with each other forming bigger fruits. It can even be used for dental floss and has a really effective cure. They look just like pineapples.
4 Pandanus
5. Mangosteen.
The mangosteen is nothing like a mango. It grows on a tropical evergreen tree mainly in Southeast Asia, Southwest India and other tropical areas. It is known as the purple mangosteen because of its reddish – purple coloured rind when ripe. It has a beautiful fragrance. It not only smells and looks good but also tastes good. It tastes very sweet and tangy with juicy vesicles. It doesn’t even need fertilisation to grow. You must taste it once.
5 Mangosteen
6. Horned Melon.
Even fruits can get horny LOL 😉 Cucumis metuliferus, horned melon or kiwano is a blowfish fruit which can be regarded under the cucumber and melon family. Due to its horn like spines, it is known as the horned melon. It has a orange coloured skin and a jelly like flesh. It has a tart taste like that of a cucumber. It is a traditional food plant in Africa. An interesting thing about this fruit is that it can be eaten at any ripening stage but when it is over ripened, it bursts automatically to release the seeds. I would love to see that happening!
6 Horned Melon
7. Pitaya.
A pitaya is a fruit that comes from the cactus species. The fruit is commonly known as dragon fruit. It has a very mild taste and similar to kiwi or melon. It is slightly sweet. It has black and crunchy seeds which make it like the kiwi. However, if you look at it you will find it scary. But people do eat it
7 Pitaya
8. Cupuaçu
This tropical rainforest tree grows an amazing fruit which is strange. It is found in a lot of parts mainly in Amazon basin, Columbia, Bolivia and Peru. Cupuaçu has a white coloured pulp and an odour of chocolate and pineapple. It is frequently used for making juices, desserts and sweets. Even butter can be made from this fruit. It has a mixture of taste like that of bananas and pears.
8 Cupuaçu
9. Durian.
This fruit has been regarded as the ‘King of fruits’ in Southeast Asia. It has a huge size, strong odour and cover of thorns. The smell is really awfully strong and intense but it tastes amazing. You can’t judge the king without eating it once.
I bet you didn’t know about most them. If you know some more then leave it in the comments.

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