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The more you use Google AdSense, the more will you learn what your site needs. You will eventually realize the mistakes you made all this while which kept your site from fully reaching its true potential.
They say, it takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others’. You become an inspiration if you tell people about your mistakes, urging them to learn from yours’ and avoid hurdles. Below, you’ll find some common mistakes made by people while using AdSense. Once you are thorough with the solutions, you’ll find it easy to cope up with similar issues when your website content is vulnerable. In any case, you must be aware of ways to tackle these problems.

Working with Google AdSense usually leads to a win-win situation but one big no-no is when someone breaks the rules, which most of the users do at some point or the other. Yes, Google does support you every now and then but it also asks you to respect certain set of protocols.

Secondly, stay away from creating ‘artificial clicks’ in any case. Forget about clicking your own links, you are also discouraged to ask your peers to click them for you, by that we mean you should also never lure the visitors into clicking these by any illegitimate means. By jumping into that well, you are prone to being banned permanently, harming your revenue and reputation.

You MUST agree to Google’s terms and conditions, contrary to which, your account could get suspended. This becomes a reason for this rule to be as rigid as a stone, the most important one of them all.

Next in queue, we have users who have a bad taste when it comes to ad customization. Most of the time, this happens because they aren’t aware of the fact that these could be changed from the default color palettes. Apart from this, some just let the defaults be as they are because changing that setting would consume time. This is one quick way to repel visitors before they could even observe the ads. What’s impeccable is distinctive and attractive.

The positioning of ads must also be cautiously done. It is probably a key element of your plan towards maximizing profits with AdSense. Google plus other websites make it a point to highlight this argument in red. Google does offer helpful resources to support you here: Statistics to illustrate which position on your website can improve your advert’s clicks.

If you are using Banner ads, you’re walking on the wrong path. Today, most of the surfers resist 480×60 type ads. Using banner ads today would naturally drive potential visitors away.

Last but not the least, being lethargic in posting fresh content can profoundly affect the site’s progress. In the end, even if your site has the coolest of designs, if it lacks flesh, it lacks everything else. You will end up losing daily visitors and also some serious revenue.

These are some of the most common mistakes people make while using the Google AdSense program. In conclusion, you must be able to avoid these issues now that you are aware of these risky scenarios. Want a continuous supply of AdSense revenues? Here are a few tips to reach your goal:

DO NOT violate Google’s policies. Never tempt visitors to create “artificial clicks” on your website by any means, even if they will to do it for you. Pick the right colors for your ads and make them feel home at your website. Ensure that they’re positioned well, drawing the attention of the customers towards your website such that they get desperate to give you a click. Try as much as you can to avoid banner-like ads, lest you are really in need of them to keep your site renewed.
With that, it’s on you to decide if you want to be a regretful face-palmer or an earning head-turner.

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