The Future of Fashion


Where the world is globally growing faster and faster, the future of fashion is another topic that heads up. Are the methods, used in producing fashion items, eco-friendly? Are they sustainable? How much of bad impacts are created on environment? Will the resources used renew? All the questions submit and contribute to know the future of fashion.

In the context of Environment:The Future of Fashion1
The globe, looking for development, has been experiencing changing trends in fashion too. The manufacturers bring out new fashion pieces in the market always in the competition to stay top.
New technologies that fashion companies have been including are proving better results as in no or less harm to the environment. The dye that clothes are dipped in uses gallons of water which in turn disarrange the environment cycle. Now, companies are looking forward to dry dye the clothes without using liters of waters.
The dry dye process will contain supercritical carbon di-oxide which will cause the fiber to tumefy. Dyes will than diffuse in the swelled fiber up to the cores. This process uses less energy and also fewer chemicals.
The quality of the fibers will nothing be smaller or lesser than water dyed fibers.The Future of Fashion2


In the context of profession and career:

  • Photography: It is about camera and lighting. Every other person is interested in photography. “A monkey with banana thinks he has the crown to the chair.” Likewise, a person with camera thinks that he is photographer. Nothing is wrong in that, though, but the art is literally taken in false way that hides the actual talent. What not is photographed; coffee cup, chai ki tapri (Tea shops), clothes, etc.
    Back to the topic of fashion, photography in fashion is growing in order to meet the needs into the various mediums like advertising through Medias, fashion catalogs, etc. Everyone tries to be expertise in the field of photography; hence they train themselves into it. Companies, thus, gets photographers easily to hire. The eye to see the true talent remains in company’s vision.
    Also, Freelancing is the ongoing trend in the fashion industry which pays the freelancer according to his work.
    Concluding that, as photographers are growing it will be hard to stand out and build in your profile easily in the terms of fashion and its industry.The Future of Fashion3
  • Fashion designing: This is the field of career, creativity sustains. The sphere – earth, is raising with the materialistic need of population with new fashion fantasies. Here, only original and unique ideas will sell. The perspective, ideology, trend, and the use of buyers are the most important aspects that a designer must consider. The ramp walk dress designs that we see on fashion channels are not worth wearing, casually. (Exceptions are there) Though, the needs of ramps are so, fashion designers are forced to design weird designs to look unique.
    Concluding that this field for fashion designers will grow more challenging in future with respect to unique selling point.The Future of Fashion4

In The Context of Shopping:
Changing mind set according to technology, it is must for fashion industry to change too. Thus, in order to stay in popularity and to obtain benefits. Shopping; to become easy for customers industries or companies may introduce many strands in every media. The old fashion brands which lacked in somewhere may become wide famous this time. As known, time defines.The Future of Fashion5

  • Industries are on the idea (and some may have done it already) to introduce technology in clothes. The clothes will appear as in techno products which my look like robotic or mechanistic. Likewise in 3D movies, the clothes will represent the character on it. We use gadgets always and every minute then why not wear it? 😉
  • Whenever we go shopping, trials rooms are important part. Until now trails rooms needed you to carry clothes with you from and then try them, but now it seems like you don’t have to carry any of it. The changing rooms will have digital screen to tell them about their sizes, colors, and what not in clothes.
  • Online shopping like Flipkart and Amozon is the most common media today people choose. It is the easiest and trustworthy (some sites are fake; exceptions). Sit t home and shop. They will bring it to your door step. Shops and outlet stores are in depression on the subject of how to gain profit over direct product-purchase-providing companies.

As the generation changes, the future of every other thing changes. New people, new future. This is the rule and one must take benefit of it up to skies.

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