The Future of Google AdSense


What’s good now will become better tomorrow and what’s best now will become the greatest the next day. Anticipating for a good change in everything and being optimistic for a better tomorrow is like an inspiration for today. And Google makes it pretty apparent that every step that it has taken aces new grounds of pure ease of access and satisfaction for its users.

One may not raise his eyebrows on the future accomplishments of AdSense, from Google. Nonetheless, those who really deserve to top the search queries would flourish and by means of petty manipulations, advertisers who overuse tags to increase the chances of getting to the top, owning extraneous site-content may not make it through.

Click fraud is an issue that’s to be addressed by Google in the future. Of course, Google is taking steps to lessen the effect of click fraud now, but as years pass by, tricksters would’ve found different ways to break through barriers and increase the click count. Click Through Rate (CTR) could also be increased by creating traffic or faking IP addresses.

AdSense has already witnessed plenty of changes. Yet Google, keeping its pace as always, improved the better of it. Now, AdSense is site-targeted and its smart-pricing and domain blocking are some of the improvements that have been observed in the latest updates. The Advertiser has exclusive access to where his content is being housed. This power makes sure the advertisement is targeted and also, one could block his/her site in order to keep away from the AdSense banners.

Now, what if AdSense could join hands with other forms of media like television or perhaps newspapers? This might yield a complete solution to every issue faced by the advertiser. These forms of media are a bit too mainstream but this could definitely put up a great show with AdSense.

Connecting worldwide, with a team of over 150,000 advertisers, Google could manage to get these advertisements in different countries, offline. This solid network proposed by Google could again be expanded by appointing a few offline distributors to work with AdWords. The wider the network, the better and efficient is the work done.

Google, all this while, had been denying the idea of allowing the publishers to specify their own keywords. However, this restriction could not be a part of the AdSense that is to be seen in future. It’s also been observed that Google is very strict in its pricing policies. They have never leaked out charges, nor have they confessed the reason why this is done. But it’s definite that if Google has determined to keep it under the roof, it will be the same in future as well.

In the coming years, publishers might be able to see the links responsible for the generated clicks. One extra effort of Google AdSense could also make them know which keywords are exhibited there. Technically speaking, if this happens, the complete structure could be transparent and this scheme could be exploited for the purpose of increasing revenue by a few. These folks could create AdSense-only sites particularly for obtaining profits and not for genuine purposes. Thus the above step taken by Google could put itself in jeopardy. All the more, this situation is where we are at the moment and lending this mighty sword to its publishers might just be a fool’s move.

Conversely, Google could swish its magic wand and solve the user’s concerns by means of low returns generated on their site, through AdSense. Web developers could then be notified with ideas or recommendations on the content they put up, through an online wizard.

However, a new range of possibilities have been unleashed through RSS. This well-thought-out tactic made it possible for the online publishers to send recommended ads directly to interested users in their RSS feeds. This wouldn’t even entail the users to lift a finger to pass a query. Google’s definitely not going to let this golden opportunity go in vain. This methodology is already being followed by media these days. Internet being the better and interactive choice for the viewers might as well fancy this scheme because, at the end of the day, the better source for information is the World Wide Web.

Lastly, one cannot possibly make predictions and match the artistic thinkers at Google. There are various whispers springing up these days about the new advancements that might pop up. These theories may or may not be adopted by Google but certainly, Google plans way ahead, startling us with a brand new feature consistently, aiding its users impressively.

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