The Unheard Story Of Rihanna’s Success


rihannaWe all know the famous star Rihanna, her glamour and money but very few know about the scars she had in her early years. She wasn’t what we see her as today. She had been through a lot of suffering before touching success.

Had it been any other woman, she would either give up on life or continue living in pain. But it takes a lot of courage and self-belief to do what she did. A battle that broke her, but she achieved victory! Being born to a not so privileged family, she had suffered a lot at a very small age. Poverty, illness, pain, abuse were her friends. Since they were not very rich, she spent most of her childhood selling clothes in a stall with her father.rihanna-childhood

One could suffer a lot if they had family support. But she was unfortunate in that case too, as her father was a drug and cocaine addict and that addiction severely affected her parent’s marriage as well as her health. She started having intense headache that contributed to her already weak and ill body. Her headache had become worse and doctors feared it might be a tumour. But God wasn’t that harsh on her and she recovered.

By the time she was fourteen, her parents were divorced and her health started to improve. Living with her mother, only, was a little more peaceful than what it was before. But nothing compares to father’s love which she was deprived of.Rihanna interview

Initially, she wanted to be a graduate so continued her studies while living with her mother. But society is something that never leaves you at peace. She was bullied and discriminated at school for her colour which affected her studies. She fought for herself. She had always been an independent girl and too tough to even challenge the guys.

However, she eventually decided to go ahead with her career in music and since she had been singing since the age of 7 it wasn’t much of a trouble. She had even won her high school beauty pageant for singing “Hero” which was originally sung by Mariah Carey. She kept on her singing on an average and small platform until she met Evan Rogers, a music producer. He was very impressed by her work and asked her offered her to record some tracks with him. She composed around a dozen songs with him and started growing as a rock star. She recorded her first demo song Pon De Replay with Rogers which really impressed everyone.rihanna - Pon De Replay

Seeking for a bigger platform, she Def Jam Recordings where Jay-Z was CEO as well as president. Everyone including Jay-Z was totally impressed by her singing and attitude. They immediately offered her a recording contract where she made her debut album. After that she released her first song, Pon De Replay, in 2005. Her debut album, Music of the Sun, was launched in the same year.

Her first song itself got great response. This wasn’t the end of the journey yet. For she kept working hard and never stopped improvising herself. At her age, such determination and passion is very rare. As she grew, her popularity and fan following grew as well. She released more and more songs.rihanna - Music of the Sun

She’s just 27 and has sold more than 50 million albums and 190 million singles winning a lot of recognition from all over the world. She not only took over the world of music but also rocked as an actor, writer and fashion-icon. Many of her songs received the best-selling singles. Till today, she keeps growing.

So far, she has won eight American Music Awards, eight Grammy Awards, 23 Billboard Music Awards, 2 Britt Awards and the inaugural Icon Award at the American Music awards 2013. Who would have imagined that the little girl selling clothes at the stall would become a super star and a fashion icon someday?

Today, people go crazy about her and would do anything just to get a glimpse of her. When she sings, the entire world listens to her quietly.

Here is her Diamond song’s video that is my all-time favorite 🙂

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