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Content publishers are waiting for the ‘AdSense for feeds’ Gold rush, which is in the beta testing phase right now. Once the flood gates are swung open, the publishers gain extra revenues through the adverts in their feeds. To help you make the most of this opportunity, we present you top 3 tips for AdSense for feeds.


Content quality:
Before you get started with Google AdSense, you need to create a foundation for your ads! You need to base your website strongly on fascinating content; content which is rich in information but also something that can benefit the viewers. This way, you earn more and more subscriptions. Once you’re getting along well with that stage, your success with AdSense for feeds is not far away. Make it a point to keep your content free of grammatical and typographical errors. Always serve quality content in a simple language.


Content quantity:
Make your blog voluminous! Your feeds must be uploaded with as much content as possible to keep the subscriber entertained thoroughly. Include a brief summary if you feel the entire article isn’t  going to get into the feed. Remember, the more quality content you upload, the more subscribers you win.


Limit the ad units:
You must’ve guessed the reason behind this suggestion beforehand. If you dump too many ads in your feeds, users might get repelled and in the worst case, many even unsubscribe. This would ruin the entire resolve of feeds. To stay in the safe side, limit adverts to one per feed. You could also try making your feeds less of an ad generating space by positioning them at the end of the article or after the conclusion.
These pointers will improve your revenue from your feeds in no time. You don’t need to wait anymore. Do feel free to drop by at Google’s AdSense blog for updates on AdSense for feeds and its launch. Stay put for more tips in the upcoming articles.


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