Tips to pick the right sunglasses for your face shape.


No matter how you dress up or what your makeup is, just putting on sunglasses makes you look super hot and sexy, smart too! However, you don’t just need them for good looks but also for what they’re meant for, protection from the sun. You don’t want to end up getting big black patches below your eyes, do you? Don’t forget the burn it gives when you try looking at anything in the sun. So why not use this stylish but healthy little thing to add to our glamour?

Did you know that wearing any sunglasses can look odd? You can’t wear it because it looks good. You need to make sure if you look good with it. So here are some useful tips and suggested types of sunglasses according to your face shape.

  1. Heart shaped face.
    If your face is as wide as tall and pointed or tapered at the jaw line with a wide forehead then let’s call it a heart shaped face. For heart shaped face it is suggested you use a frame that adds width to the lower portion of your face. You should avoid top-heavy frames. However, wayfarer style shades are advisable.
  1. Oval shaped face.
    By oval shaped face it means your face is taller and less wide with a round jaw line. You have soft features and wide cheekbones. Any round or square frame looks good. You need to choose a frame that adds width to your face and provides angular contrasts to your rounded features. A boxy frame would look amazing. However, you can even try a square-shaped shade or aviators.


  1. Circle shaped face.
    The facial features like cheekbones and jaw lines are similar to those with oval shaped face except for the width of the face which is equal to the length. A circle shaped face is said to be one which is as wide as tall. The best type of sunglasses suggested for this type of face would be any angular frames. Wayfarers or cat eye frames look awesome. Round frames should be avoided because that would make a lot of circles. Angular ones add good contrast to the soft round features.
  1. Square shaped face.
    A face is said to be square shaped if it has uniform width being as tall as wide. You have a broad, square and strong jaw line with wide forehead and cheekbones. Frames with curves soften and make up to the strong structure of a square face. You can try out aviators, round frames or the shield frame. They will look amazing and adjust the width though you should avoid boxy frames.
  1. Triangle shaped face.
    You have a triangle face if your face is as wide at tall but the wider part being at the chin or the forehead, making a triangle. You can try rectangular frames to balance the width in your face. Top-heavy or club master style frames look good. Also, some details on the upper rim look great.


  1. Diamond shaped face.
    If you have a diamond shaped face then it means that you have a pointed jaw line and a narrow forehead with a tall face. Though it is as wide as tall, the widest part is at the cheek bones. For such face, a balanced frame is suggested. The contrasting thing doesn’t work here. What you can do is get frames which have both round and angular features. Simply round or boxy frames are not suggested.


  1. Rectangle shaped face.
    If your face is taller and little lesser wide with a square and broad jaw line then you have a rectangle shaped face. Your face must have uniform width, no being wider at the bottom or top or middle, same throughout. Again our contrasting principal works here. Use wide frames and avoid tall ones. Circular frames like round and aviators suit well. You can even try wayfarers provided they add width to your face.


So now that you know which shape of face you have and which kind of sunglasses should you wear, dress awesome! If you still can’t figure out your shape, then just put on the glasses which contrast.

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