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For those who are just getting started with AdSense and are lost trying to find quick ways to make profit, it might pique your interests to know that there are certain tools to earn good revenue from AdSense.

These tools have been made for the sole purpose of assisting AdSense publishers in understanding it better, learning the traffic flow, all in all helping them make the most out of the program. Certain tools will help you work through the keywords, some through revenue generation.

One such tool available is AdSense Gold ( which helps you get a better understanding of which ads and formats will achieve more clicks and go better with your site and its content.

The way this program works is, it tracks the views and clicks generated on the publisher’s pages. An added feature of this tool is, it allows you to see which referrer a visitor came in through.

Another free tool called SynSense ( is a monitoring tool for AdSense. This tool generates live stats of your AdSense as you hover over it. It’s a must-have for those who wish to constantly monitor AdSense throughout their day.

Stats are provided by Google, in CSV format on their site. A tool called CSV AdStats was made, which allows to automatically download csv fines and extract information from them. is the link for CSV AdStats.

It offers a lot of other features like customized report stats, data and chart export to other formats. Though it is essentially in French, it can be changed to English easily.

Duly noted, any tool can access these stats once every 15 minutes, however the authors are aware that none of these tools will cause you hindrance with respect to Google.

For those people who spend a majority browsing content, particularly on the Firefox browser, there exists an extension that displays to you the stats on your status bar.

This tool keeps in mind Google’s 15  minute rule, and practices its usage, keeping a threshold of 15 minutes as a minimum time between updates. This Firefox extension cum notifier can be downloaded from

With an extra investment, the job becomes easier! A tool called Golden Keywords aids you with getting the best keywords for your site. Costing $49.95, this tool is very efficient and easy to use, making it worth the price. It can be downloaded from

Just as the AdSense domain is growing, so is the software developer domain, as they continue making multitudes of apps to aid the publisher. However keep in mind, just as these tools exist, so do Google’s own.

Though limited, it offers some reports, efficient and neat. Using channels feature helps find ads on your site that are contributing to most of the revenue.

Make sure to keep an eye out, as apps are released every day. Keep engaging with your site activities, as the site and its growth are the real success with AdSense.



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