Turning traffic into AdSense traffic


Turning Traffic in to AdSense Traffic


For those running AdSense ads for a significant amount of time, the feeling of not making enough revenue is evident. Although some believe otherwise, it is a known fact that most site owners feel that they aren’t generating as much revenue as they can. This often irritates site owners. The major reason for this issue is because revenue is generated proportional to traffic levels and clicks.


However, there are ways turn traffic into AdSense traffic. Below is a list of some such ways.


First thing’s first, you have to keep your site fresh with content. For people running this might be a tough job, nevertheless, content is the first step to housing good traffic. This will eventually lead to good cash.


Initially, it is key for you to find out what your site’s keywords are. This will help discover your site whilst searching. This is called keyword density verification, an essential component of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You can start by using SEO Density Analizer, a simple yet efficient tool for this job.


Once you have readied a list of words, take it and search the Overture Search Inventory, or Google AdWords Sandbox to find out words that might substitute your list of words better.


Hereon, revolve your site around things that appear in the keyword suggestions you receive. It is essential that you include these keywords or related key words at the least in the links on your site.


Doing so makes sure you get increased and better ads in your AdSense banners, which will ensure your earnings increase.


Furthermore, it is a must that you keep adding new pages to your site, loaded with quality content. Having more pages makes room for more hits on your ads.



What’s more important is that you choose suitable formats for your ad banners and place them in proper locations. Though a complex subject, to be made easy the top three AdSense formats are 336×280 large rectangle 300×250 medium rectangle and 160×600 skyscraper.


As important as placement is, so is color. Keep in mind choosing right colors for your ads makes a huge difference in traffic. Making sure the ads are colored in accordance with the content of your site, this will cause the viewers to weave relevance between the ads and content.


Positioning your ads are necessary for revenue generation, since only when viewers see an ad they will click on it.


For pages with huge amounts of content, skyscraper might do better, since it helps the user view the ads longer. Similarly, for sites with news or important reads, locating your ads at the bottom of your content might prove useful since when people are done reading an article they will search for something else to involve in.


If your page has lot of text on it, you should use more AdSense units. It is essential to ensure perfect balance when it comes to this since overdoing it might cause lower CTR and revenues. You can add up to three units, which you ought to use appropriately.


AdSense always makes things easy for the user. AdSense offers a preview tool to let you see a demo of how the ads will be presented on your site.


Whilst at all this, keep in mind AdSense’s click fraud policy. As a hint you can place a picture near your ads, leaving some room in between to make sure this isn’t regarded as encouraging visitors to click the link.

Though there are many ways to increase AdSense traffic, the mentioned ones will help achieve the initial push needed for increasing income.



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