Weirdest But Funniest Marriage Proposals


Proposals are supposed to be romantic and heart throbbing, right? What comes first in your mind when we talk about proposals? Flowers, gifts, romantic place, candle light dinners and all so cheesy things available, isn’t it? Of course that’s what normal people do. What else can you think of proposals? I doubt if you will ever imagine doing crazy stuffs like painting cows or kneeling down in the loo, to ask her. That’s hilarious and insane, isn’t that?

So let’s take a break from the romantic normality and get into something crazy instead. These people who proposed their partners took romance to a whole new level. They made the funniest proposals ever and guess what? It’s really difficult believing their craziness. They got what they wanted. Crazy but smart winners! Curious enough? Let’s read their amazing stories.

1. Painting a cow!
I almost died out of laughing. I mean didn’t you have a better way? Even a dog would do but a cow? This guy painted “Will you marry me?” on a cow. Guess what he should have gifted a cow as a pet LOL. I wonder what else he must have done to win his girl.
Weirdest But-1

2. A meme.
This guy totally nailed it. Not caring about anything else, he made a meme asking his girl to marry him. The funniest part was that even the meme had a grammatical error. I salute his determination and guts LOL. I have no idea if the girl said yes but I’m sure she had a nice laugh.
Weirdest But-2

3. The Bill board proposal.
OMG!As if a meme wasn’t funny enough, now this! I just hope she spared the guy. He actually wrote his proposal on a big bill board hung in public! This guy made a creative bill board with hot pictures of his girlfriend, wrote his proposal note and hung it up. I can just imagine her reaction.
Weirdest But-3

4. The Loo?
No where but the toilet? Dude, give me a break! I can’t imagine what he was thinking or where he was when he made this plan. Even a classroom was a better place than the toilet. What on earth made him find the loo romantic? Such a beautiful place with the best scent ever. This guy wrote his marriage proposal on the toilet doors and asked his girl in the loo. Surprisingly, the girl was still blushing with happiness like never before. Love makes everyone go crazy.
Weirdest But-4

5. A tattoo!
Well, I’d not say this is funny but this is totally crazy. What if she had said no? Does that mean he had to find another girl with the same name? LOL You won’t believe this guy actually got a tattoo asking his girl to marry him. I mean making tattoos for your love is extremely romantic but before you she says yes? That’s risky! He even missed a coma LOL. He is very lucky that she didn’t say no else he’d been stuck with the tattoo forever.
Weirdest But-5

6. Ring on the tic-tac box?
Was he promoting tic tac or what? Well, I don’t know why I find this cute but it is funny as hell. He tucked the ring the tic-tac box’s mouth and gave it to his girl. She was overwhelmed to find the ring when she opened the box and the rest was done by him.
Weirdest But-6

7. Bad Graffiti.
A sketch would have been way better even if it didn’t look good. But graffiti on the wall? That too an untidy and bad one! I’m not mocking the guy because whatever he did was out of love but the idea was definitely crazy as hell. Every guy walking on the road would read that and smile. Imagine if a girl with the same name passes by! But his girl was delighted anyway.
Weirdest But-7

8. Screwed up finger.
This lady tells her funny but cute proposal story. The way she got proposed is still a happy story in her family. She tells that her man had decided to propose her on the beach when she was on a vacation with her family. He had decided to cook for her family that night, since he accompanied them. Unfortunately, he chopped his own finger and screwed up his entire plan LOL. Bad luck, boy! However, he proposed when they got back and now they’re together.

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