What Makes Google AdSense System So Special And Different?


The first and best reason answering the question, “What makes Google AdSense so special?” is the fact that it caters both the viewer and the publisher. Although Google is what publishes the ads on your site, and has the preliminary control over it, it allows the website owner to customize the look and feel of the ad, along with the control over blocking and filtering ads. The best part being, Google ads are “smart”, which means they will be relevant to the content of the site or relevant to the audience the website caters to. This benefits both the publisher and the viewer thoroughly.

People visit a site often due to interest in a particular part of it or the site’s content entirely. On a platform, such, advertising ads that have little or no relevance to the content displayed can serve to be unproductive for both parties. However, on your blooming site, publishing ads in accordance with the content served will benefit the user as his/her interests get piqued due to the ads AdSense offers. Making the entire exchange, a win-win for both.

Website owners earn revenue for displaying AdSense ads on basis of clicks received. This satisfies the owner’s end of the deal, and as far as the advertisers are concerned, they get to advertise relevant content on the site, which when seen by viewers will prompt a response.

The final reason for using AdSense is the simple fact that Google ads look concise and tranquil, unlike other color filled banners. Relevance to the best, topped with simplicity is what makes Google Ads an amazing subscription for website owners. AdSense allows owners to modify the ads from scratch, making the look and feel of it suit their and their site’s needs. This leading to a neat website, following which comes good traffic, and finally, good revenue.

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