What Mom Never Told You…..


Okay. I’m not going to make a list of what Mumma does or how much she cares for you; I guess no one needs to tell you that. But you know what? If you’re able to read this today then that’s because she made you capable!

There are things which she would never ever tell you. She could miss what she had been craving for just to give something you dreamt of, that’s mom! You know what’s the most beautiful part of it? She will never let you know that.

Do you remember when you wanted to have a birthday party outside home? She would insist you to have it at home. But you find yourself too grown up to have a birthday with those birthday caps and ribbons. You wanted to go clubbing with your friends. She will never ask you to stay back, but that lady wants to be a part of your happy day. She wants to do special stuff for you, not that she doesn’t do always.

Remember the day she had beaten you up and scolded you all day? You already concluded that she was the cruelest mother and would never understand you. She will never tell you that she either skipped meals that day or cried to sleep. There’s love and concern in everything she does, don’t think otherwise.

Happy mothers'Day

Happy mothers’Day

You get annoyed because she keeps calling you when you’re out. She keeps asking you when you’d return home. She is not strict, neither does she loves interfering in everything you do. She won’t tell you that she keeps calling you because she is worried. For her, you’re still the kid who just learned walking. Do you think mom would let her little child alone?

How does she always buy you what you want? I know I know she would say no to it first but she always ends up getting that for you. She or Dad doesn’t grow money. She would never tell you but it might be so that she had been saving that money for a pretty saree she had seen in the display.

There are times when there’s less food. Not because you guys are poor but maybe she couldn’t figure out the quantity and cooked less. She says she’s full because she had snacks in the evening. What she will never tell you is that she wants you to have a peaceful sleep and an empty stomach never lets that happen.

When you stay up the night before exam studying like crazy, Mom is awake too. Bringing you coffee or asking you to sleep. She would not let you figure out that she is too tired and wants to sleep. Instead she’ll be the prettiest cheerleader with the pom-poms of love.

When she keeps checking you at night, you think that she’s too suspicious and came to check if you’re still on the phone. Of course you are, deceiving kids! 😉 But hey, she doesn’t come for that. She wakes up from her sleep and comes to your room to make sure that her kids aren’t too hot or cold.

She always keeps your happiness before her emotions. Not because she’s a selfless goddess but simply because she’s a mom. So this mothers’ day, let’s just hug her and say this.

Dear Mom,

I know you will never tell me what you feel. I know you will never tell me that you’re sad. I know you expect a lot from me. I know you will never curse or blame me if I’m unable to come up to your expectations. But Mom, I’m your kid. Like mother like child. Even if you never told me what you feel, I will still figure out somehow.

I never had the strength to come up and tell, but I love every single thing you do. I love it when you switch off the fan every morning to wake me up. No alarm can wake me up until you do that. You know mama, there’s Google map for the world. But you’ve been the map for my world. You direct me not only to where my underwear is kept but also the way to the right decision.

You never tell me, but I know that you had an argument with dad to make him agree to my wishes. Thank you for being the unbreakable pillar.

Thank you mom, for tolerating the annoying kid. Thank you for washing my dirty clothes and making my messy bed even when you’re tired as hell. Thank you for making the delicacies that never makes me want to eat outside. Thank you for kissing me every night when I’m asleep (actually I act so).

Thank you for being my mom!

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