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It is widely known that Google is the biggest search engine on the web. Over 40% of the internet searches are composed by Google, also allowing it to control pay per click advertising. PPC includes the advertiser paying a particular sum of money for ever click through (CTR) set by advertisers. With an increase in budget, their position increases, and with an increase in position, traffic increases.

The consequence of this being, over 140,000 choosing to advertise with them, and the advertising is done in a number of ways. The primary means being, by appearing on Google searches. Following which, appearing on distributors websites is also employed. The final one being, by appearing in the distributors search results. As we start to see advertisers appear in Google searches, the question rises, why do they choose  to advertise with distributors as well?

The answer is, scalability. The ones choosing to advertise in search results, the ones getting a ROI (return on investment) will at a point want to discover other advertising opportunities. With a multitude of websites having the scope to display adverts, the advertisers can gain publicity very fast.

Advertisers also choose to advertise in Google distributors websites is that, it further publicity. Almost 60% of the internet uses do not employ Google, this being said the advertiser can reach out to a wider audience by opting for distribution channels. For instance, website users looking to buy a phone may come across an article regarding phones and its likes, instead of a website selling phones. If the former website contains AdSense, this will lead advertisers to use this channel to reach their audience.

Another known reason for choosing AdSense is because advertisers trust Google. Google is knows for being ethical and also for making work fun, while providing several services for free. Advertisers feel safe investing their money in Google. Even though click-fraud constantly poses a problem and is disadvantageous in various backgrounds for advertisers, they feel safe working with Google because as arduous an issue a click-fraud, they understand that Google will eventually deal with it. Google also has measures to comfort those facing click-fraud.

The prices set by Google are found optimal, thereby leading to the immense trust in them. Meaning advertisers will advertise till they’re able to do so, even at changing rates.

The services provided by Google have created a universe of opportunities for all types of businesses to advertise. However bad click-fraud may haunt the services, it still is regarded as the best. New businesses aim at advertising themselves on the internet, while establishing brands alongside to attract publicity.



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