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The access of Japanese brands and designers on the all-around appearance industry is immeasurable. The success of such designers as Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones shows the abiding embrace of the Urahara cultural movement, and the cross-reference of calm and adopted ability has led abounding to reevaluate Japan’s appearance scene. One of the brands that represent this boundless awareness is EYEFUNNY.

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EYEFUNNY is a Tokyo based adornment label, accustomed in 2003 by artisan Jury Kawamura. Revolutionizing the adornment industry with its own amusing twist, the cast creates architecture encrusted pop-like motifs that altogether alloy in with streetwear culture. The pieces’ anxious aesthetics and aerial affection accept bent the eye of a all-around audience. In adjustment to apprentice about the afflatus and aesthetics that goes abaft EYEFUNNY, HYPEBEAST JP batten with Kawamura at his flat in Tokyo and his boutique in Omotesando.

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Can you acquaint me about aback in 2003 aback you accustomed your brand?

I acclimated to assignment at a austerity store. I was not planning to assignment at a aggregation like others about me afterwards graduation. I artlessly admired fashion. During my apprentice years, there were no annex food in Japan for brands like Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, so I was accomplishing a part-time job for alongside import. Afterwards clearly graduating, I started off as a client for a company, run by my chief (senpai) and at the aforementioned time, as a co-owner of a austerity abundance alleged YANKS, amid abaft Goro’s in Urahara. I was originally a chump there and the buyer approached me to run the boutique together, so that’s how it all happened. He would acceptation brands from the States, so I was able to acceptation brands in Europe. Especially best Saint Laurent, Dior, dresses and shirts. For appearance lovers, accepting their own boutique is like a dream, right? But, aback you absolutely do, for addition like me, I get air-conditioned apathetic continuing in the shop, so that’s aback I started designing and authoritative things. In 2003, at the aforementioned time as the boutique was closing, I accustomed EYEFUNNY.

At that time, there were adornment and accoutrement right?

Yes. Obviously, I did not acquire as abundant aback again because I was still 24 or 25, so I focused on how to accompany my adroitness to life. Now attractive aback at it, there may accept been some business perspectives I considered. Not aloof authoritative what I want, but attractive into means to accretion acknowledgment in the public. Belt was the aboriginal account that came to mind. Aback then, there were so abounding varieties of accoutrement and adornment brands, but you didn’t accept abundant best for belts. You were narrowed bottomward to Hermès, which had the best quality, and others that were additionally high-end brands. Brindled belts awash in austerity food were cool, but best of the time, the altitude of the waist was too small, the covering was deteriorating, or alike if it was acceptable to attending at, it couldn’t be worn. I started off attractive through the boondocks page, activity out to Asakusabashi, allurement about how to accomplish my ideal studs. Not plastic, but application absolute stones like rose quartz, smokey quartz and amethyst. Placing chunk assimilate the argent buckle, and designing brindled belts that go with jewelry.

Was the cast alleged EYEFUNNY aback its establishment?

Yes, from aback then. Aback establishing EYEFUNNY, my acquaintance affiliated me to brands like wjk, run by junhashimoto’s artisan Jun Hashimoto and TMT, which I offered artefact designs as an OEM. While an OEM, I did not put the brand’s name out, but EYEFUNNY has been there from aback then. The belts and adornment that were hand-made by me from TMT, were fabricated to adjustment for acclaimed Japanese actors like Takuya Kimura and bedrock bands like GLAY. That’s aback I was additionally application the name EYEFUNNY. In agreement of apparel, I went by EYEFUNNY aback then.


Can you acquaint me how you came up with the brand’s signature motif, the smiley face?

You can see that our cast additionally uses such motifs as cross, stars, hearts, designs that are broadly acclimated by any added brands. Admitting the smiley face is a accepted symbol, I accomplished that it was not acclimated in added brands. As a burden that brings beatitude and renders beheld communication, which was not yet used, I followed my gut, and pushed it out as one of our icons.

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I accept an consequence of a lot of pop motifs actuality acclimated in EYEFUNNY, but can you acquaint me about your aboriginal design?

At first, it was a actual simple design. As I mentioned before, the three carat architecture earrings that I was wearing. Not round, but a rhombus-shaped four barb architecture ambience with architecture cuts. The amplitude of the barb ambience is one millimeter and the breadth is beneath than two millimeters. So it’s appealing small. Rhombus shaped, with architecture cuts, the apparent shines, but alike if you attending at it from here, you wouldn’ t be able to admit the appearance of the claw. I put accent on such baby capacity as the atramentous out the shape, cutting of the surface. Seems simple, but aback you attending into the details, you appear to apprehend the amount of it. I capital to actualize things that couldn’t be perceived at aboriginal glance, but if you attending abutting you appear to apprehend the details. At the beginning. But, that’s appealing difficult isn’t it? No one would know. To be honest, no one would be attractive for such things. So not aggravating to go aback to the business perspective, but I came to a cessation that there was a charge for an accessible adverse amid added brands and the conception of an figure was the alone way to accretion acknowledgment in public. Then, I began creating added motifs, including the iconic smiley face, which represented the accepted EYEFUNNY. Bodies acquaint that EYEFUNNY uses a lot of motifs that are admirable and interesting, but it’s artlessly because I admired it and those factors were bare for the adverse with added brands.

So for a while you were bearing jewelry, accoutrement and belts?

Well, I chock-full bearing belts immediately. It was because I was accomplishing it all by myself and I couldn’ t administer it. Couldn’t apply on my role as a artisan because of the orders.

So you basically became the craftsman?

Exactly. That’s why I chock-full accomplishing it afterwards two years from the enactment of the brand. Halted all orders, dedicating myself to designing. Luckily, I was able to accommodated baroque craftsmen, who facilitated the assembly action as a team. I connected designing apparels, but I accomplished accomplishing so about 10 years ago, afterwards the Abundant East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Jewelry can accompany your account to life. Of advance I can not do it by myself, but with the advice of the aggregation and accomplished craftsmen, I am able to actualize article that I can be absolutely annoyed with.

“I came to apprehend that it’s important to specialize in what I absolutely appetite to do and what I am absolutely acceptable at, not accomplishing whatever I want, but afraid to one affair and advancing it.”

What was the acumen you focused on jewelry?

It was mostly because I artlessly had so abundant fun designing jewelry. I had an aspiration for acceptable an artisan and was cartoon pictures, but was not able to acrylic what I had in mind. But aback it comes to jewelry, I am able to characterize what I accept in mind. Of advance I cannot do it by myself, but with the advice of the aggregation and accomplished craftsmen, I am able to actualize article that I can be absolutely annoyed with. The success has artlessly led me to focus on it.

So while aggravating out abounding things, you concluded up with what apparel you the most.

I originally longed for things like art and adornment that abide forever. I still adulation clothes, I accept fun authoritative them, but I accomplished that I get apathetic of it. My affection doesn’t last. Initially, EYEFUNNY appear absolute T-shirts with architecture burden beam print, and chunk with captivate details. Thousands of shirts were awash aloof in a six-month period. Then, I started absent to architecture article absolutely different, designing camel-like suvin gold atramentous affection cashmere hoodie and apparent agrarian or atramentous absolute amoebic affection T-shirt. This did not advertise best of the time. The abundance told me to actualize article that’s added alluring and not like what I was designing, which became demanding for me. Activity through the bind of designing clothes, I accomplished the Abundant East Japan Earthquake, which gave me the befalling to reflect on myself. I came to apprehend that it’s important to specialize in what I absolutely appetite to do and what I am absolutely acceptable at, not accomplishing whatever I want, but afraid to one affair and advancing it.

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

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This appearance of application chunk has been there from the beginning?

Yes, from the beginning. I feel that chunk are the best admirable and boxy actual on earth, so application them to actualize adornment was my antecedent plan. However, I was not able to do a abounding ambit of architecture adornment because I wasn’t some array of kid from a affluent ancestors and I didn’t accept money.

When you launched your cast in 2003, what affectionate of items did you release?

The “33” burden architecture chaplet that we still aftermath and as I mentioned before, the “brilliant” earrings with the audible claws and the “EYEFUNNY CROSS” pendant. There are some models out of assembly now, but aback then, we appear six models alone fabricated up of architecture jewelry. Afterwards 2005, we appear our signature abounding architecture smiley face pendant.

So the smiley face motifs were there from the aboriginal days. Argent accessories were a huge trend in the backward 1990s, but were you absorbed in chunk from then?

Yes, I was. Aback I was a student, the aboriginal earrings I bought were from Cartier, which was about a actor yen. I formed my base off as a part-timer at a affective company. I admired Cartier the most, but I additionally had adornment from Tiffany & Co. I’m such a askance person, so aback anybody is cutting argent accessories, I would accept been like “That trend is over, anybody should abrasion chunk instead.” I assumption from an aboriginal stage, men’s accessories confused appear diamonds. Accepting this alloyed appearance of Goro’s and architecture earrings.

When designing your jewelry, area do you get your inspirations from?

I feel it’s the aforementioned for everyone, but your own experiences, the things you feel are the capital sources for creation. In my own studio, I accept works by Daniel Arsham, a stool created by Charlotte Perriand, artworks from Africa displayed, and by surrounding myself with things I love, I don’t feel fatigued at all. Rather than accepting a absolute dispatch from them, it is important for me whether the accomplished amplitude is accidental and relaxing. It’s not about brainwork or annihilation but, actuality in an ambiance area I don’t feel stressful, my adventures I accept acquired blossom as colors. Aback absorption or absorption on contest in my circadian activity that confused my emotions, I sometimes booty addendum or almanac it on a articulation message. By accomplishing so I accumulate ideas, sometimes abstraction it and with the team, accretion the ideas. Best of the time, I would freehand a asperous abstract of the jewerly’s architecture and we alpha from there. It’s appealing analog. It’s consistently a charge for me to backpack about blueprint paper, automated pencils and erasers.

“Once it sparked popularity, it didn’t aloof end in the blink of an eye like a one hit wonder, because there was an accustomed accomplishments and a abiding business basis.”

Many all-embracing celebrities are cutting your jewelry, but aback was the axis point for the cast in accepting absorption from the all-around market?

I assumption abounding incidents added up, but one of them was starting to use Instagram properly. Also, actuality able to assignment with Kogi “Poggy” Motofumi was a huge axis point for me. To add on, Daniel Arsham has offered huge abutment for EYEFUNNY. Admitting he may not accept realized, he artlessly begin our cast arresting and alien it to his own audience like Travis Scott and J Balvin. J Balvin contacted me and we started messaging anniversary other. We met in Paris, area aggregate started. From again on, I would consistently bear new articles to him. So in that sense, I accept that Daniel was the one who accomplished it.

So the base is the access amid people, which spreads word.

Also, Poggy was adage that we were accomplishing business for 15 years alike aback then, which became the base of the brand. Already it sparked popularity, it didn’t aloof end in the blink of an eye like a one hit wonder, because there was an accustomed accomplishments and a abiding business basis, and there were articles and those kinds of qualities enabled the cast to adapt to aggrandize overseas. Those factors and timing all added up and I’m able to be in the ambiance I am in now.

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Why do you anticipate the cast acquired the absorption of celebrities and artists from altered industries?

Probably because it’s new. I anticipate if it’s article agnate to others or the trend, no one would absolutely appetite it. That was my business angle aback I accustomed the brand, consistently demography in application what isn’t on the bazaar and what bodies would absolutely want. In agreement of the smiley face I mentioned before, there was no one application it, so I anticipation this was a adventitious for me. EYEFUNNY is additionally accomplishing such semi-customization as accumulation the accomplished architecture and authoritative name or able chains. But like Goro’s, abounding high-end adornment brands in the accomplished were not accomplishing the adding, adding and accumulation adornment into a customized item. By bringing the aspect that I was addicted of, alike afore designing jewelry, to activity through such altered genres as architecture jewelry, bent the absorption of abounding people. Continuing to accompany new perspectives in the way of showcasing or artlessly a new account or architecture to the market, is all-important in adjustment to accretion support.

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Toshiyuki Togashi/Hypebeast

Can you acquaint us about your accepted at work?

I would usually get up at 7 a.m. and absorb some time with my kid. Leave the abode amid 9 and 10a.m. and go to meetings, attending at diamonds, go to the appointment to analysis the affection of the articles afore ablution it in store, and draw the designs I had in apperception the day before. If there’s annihilation else, I would break till 5:30 p.m. at the appointment and go to the gym or pool, and be home by about 7:00 p.m. If there is some business accompanying dinner, I would go out afterwards that or if there isn’t, break at home and eat banquet with my wife. My kid goes to beddy-bye about 8:00 p.m., thenI go aback to my flat and architecture or contemplate on things. That’s my routine.

It seems like you don’t absolutely booty a accomplished day off.

Yeah, I don’t. But I do try to booty a day off on Sundays if there aren’t anything. Usually I accept business trips already a month, for as continued as a anniversary to 10 canicule or alike two weeks. So in those months, I’m alone in Japan for two or three weeks and I usually don’t try to booty a day off. I’m affectionate of a workaholic, so if there’s things to be done, I appetite to do it.

Lastly, can you acquaint us about your eyes for the future?

Doing what I appetite has not afflicted aback I started. From the enactment of the brand, I consistently capital to become the world’s acclaimed Tokyo based architecture jeweller as such architecture adornment brands as Cartier and Harry Winston did not abide in Japan. It would be abundant if in the abutting bristles or 10 years, or alike 20 years, EYEFUNNY would be accustomed by bodies as one of the categories. But for now, befitting in apperception that wherever you are, whether it’s Tokyo or Paris, it doesn’t absolutely amount as it is all acceptable borderless, I artlessly ambition that the cast is adapted and capital by abounding bodies and it brings joys to them. I acquainted that maybe I did not accept to focus on actuality Tokyo based so much, admitting I do appetite to be accustomed and be bare by bodies from all over the world. That’s added fun isn’t it? Accomplishing what you appetite and continuing to beleaguer yourself in an atmosphere and accumulate creating what abounding bodies attending up to.

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